I don't see any reason to purchasing it unless you can't get an upgraded console

I don't see any reason to purchasing it unless you can't get an upgraded console


Yo I actually dig the shooting, and I'd say I have been a fairly below typical shooter in the past 2Ks. This one I drilled most of NBA 2K MT for sale my open corner 3s. I had been the best at shooting I've ever been in 2k20, but today after taking a break for some time idk if I suck 2k21 or only suck at shooting again. Reminding me of willie caulie stein during the 2k20 prelude last year. I was seeking this remark hahaha individuals we phoning him Wilt Chamberlain. They better not fumble that tote on next gen.

They are if we are being honest. Oh boy if they do will you envision, it be the conclusion of 2k when we started off following gen with a trash game. It won't be because people will whine like every other game and then buy the next release like nothing happened.

It's likely to be the same lmao. People might buy it. It is the same shit every year and yet people keep trying to find reasons why it will not be. It's literally the definition of Insanity. I discovered that when I got cold after shooting up all of the shots, my whole team got cold as well. We had been running up the floor with the whole team on ice, though nobody else even took a shot. Makes sense though, bc if you have obtained a ballhog taking all of the shots, then everybody else is begging na be from rhythm.

It'll create NBA 2K21 games interesting

I wonder if this is an actual mechanic. Not gonna be hot, but I'd rather you take 20 percent from downtown compared to 80%. There's not any meaningful skill gap with jump shooting anymore. You have a green window or you do not. Green window creates a skill difference.

This game bouta be really trash lmao. I don't see any reason to purchasing it unless you can't get an upgraded console. I really don't even get why next gen would be a great reason for it. I haven't looked to much into it assumed it Buy NBA 2K MT would be different than the ps4/xbox 1 version. I probably wasn't going to get it . I really don't see why it'd be. Better graphics perhaps. Perhaps a couple more features, but they will likely just be tacked on crap. What matters is gameplay mechanics, and there is no reason why next gen will differ. It'll sell the same, so don't expect anything.