This idea was a result of a search on the suggestion forums

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This idea was a result of a search on the suggestion forums. Random dungeons. There would be new ways to enter "dungeons" throughout the runescape. When you enter the dungeon you'll be put in a room that has an entrance to OSRS gold the main dungeon and a door back outside.

A dungeon is created by the game with preset pieces that are combined to form some type of map. Dungeons that are randomly generated will also be created. They may contain an enemy or other creatures at the end.

Dungeons will be incised (similar to POHs). They last for 30 minutes from the time the group has left. Unless there is a clan chat, every player will be able to experience a different kind of dungeon. In that case, everyone in the chat group will be able to go through the same dungeon the same time, and also share rewards.

There are various difficulty levels available at various entry points to runescape, each targeted at different levels. Any level should be allowed to buy RuneScape Mobile gold enter but lower levels of dungeons will be less rewarding.) If you should die in a dungeon, you'll be returned to the main room of the dungeon. All items that you normally lose upon death will be lost. Does that seem like a good plan you?