Luxury Fashion Brands For Watch Fanatics

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Despite the rise of smartphones and smartwatches, nothing beats the timeless elegance of a beautifully crafted timepiece. Luxury watches have a long and colorful history and are destined to never go out of fashion. They are a testament to centuries-old traditions and engineering expertise, a perfect combination of fashion and function.

A symbol of excellent taste and high class, a proper mechanical watch isn't just a way of keeping the time. A well-crafted timepiece is a showcase of impeccable craftsmanship as well as an emotional investment. Luxury watches are treasured possessions that become an extension of the wearer and become prized family heirlooms.

But how do you find the perfect luxury watch for you? With hundreds upon thousands of Luxury Watches Manufacturer in business today, how will you decide between the traditional and refined or the cutting-edge and avant-garde?

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This brief list is an excellent place to start as today we will be highlighting some of the most famous Watches Manufacturers available today.

Okay, let's begin with the brand everyone has heard of, the Swiss Watch Factory Rolex. This luxury watch brand is a timeless and traditional indicator of wealth, high social standing, and good taste. Previously based in London but now located in Geneva, Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials with meticulous attention to detail.

Another highly influential Swiss brand, Omega, is a classic choice for a timeless and elegant timepiece. With impeccable timekeeping and expert engineering, it is no surprise to learn that in 1917 The British Royal Flying Corps elected Omega watches as the official timekeepers for combat units. The Americans then swiftly followed suit in 1918. Utilizing classic design and engineering techniques whilst still considering current trends, Omega has established itself as a timeless brand that will never go out of style.

Speaking of fighter pilots, known for their excellent durability and precision, Breitling luxury watches are inspired by aviation and includes many features utilized by fighter pilots. They also feature diving watches, boosting their reputation as versatile watchmakers. So if you have a passion for aviation, diving or simply enjoy their unique and sporty styles, I recommend Breitling.

Ulysse Nardin:
Specializing in nautical and marine watches, Ulysse Nardin quickly established itself amongst diving communities by engineering highly accurate marine chronometers. Until the 1950's Ulysse Nardin watches were used by over fifty of the world's navies. With ranges of classic and contemporary designs, all excellent quality and highly precise. Ulysse Nardin is a perfect choice for durable and precise watches in a range of unique designs.