Take the Dark and Darker system requirements test over

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We’re still waiting for a solid Dark and Darker release date, but the Dungeons and Dragon’s inspired co-op game is already a massive hit on Steam cheapest Dark And Darker Gold. You can get an early taste for the fantasy RPG’s first-person by checking out the Next Fest demo, and it’s definitely one to watch if you’re looking for a classic fantasy caper on PC.

Wondering if Dark and Darker Steam Deck support is a thing? We’ve already delved into the hardcore RPG’s dungeons using Valve’s handheld, and you should be able to play the demo on the go.

Take the Dark and Darker system requirements test over on PCGameBenchmark to answer the question… Can I run Dark and Darker? Then familiarise yourself with the six Dark and Darker classes available on launch. Dark and Darker had one of the most surprising launches of any RPG game yet this year, as Ironmace seemingly released it out of the blue. Now that the wait for Dark and Darker has come to an end, many players have shifted their focus to the developer and its regular updates. Ironmace has been cheap Darker Gold hard at work to patch the game, now releasing its third hotfix update. The latest hotfix features some fun class changes, especially for spellcasters, and also resolves multiple gameplay issues.