I've made a huge mistake in Elden Ring

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The game of Elden Ring, it's killed or killed brutally. The game is created to put you in the middle ready to strike before you can yourself be attacked. However, that shooting first, asking questions later approach caused me to commit an act I deeply regret. It was Elden Ring Runes  the time I killed an animal and I feel very guilty about the incident.

Within Elden Ring, even the flower petals are deadly However, contrary to the reputation of the game there isn't anything within Elden Ring in the Lands Between wants to kill you. There are cute rodents that run around, and adorable little donut-rolling sheep, who are there only to beg you to listen when you pass them on Torrent. I've spent many tranquil moments at the bottom of a mountain, staring in awe and wonder at the golden Erdtree with a rumble of eagles as companions. I've never thought of killing one of these animals due to two reasons: they're worth a tiny amount of runes. Secondly they're not dangerous. (Editor's notice: killing gentle, wise tortoises is punishable by the game being restarted completely regardless of whether the incident was accidental.)

Dragons are not revered in the same way. Dragons are a sexy bunch. So when a friend informed me that there are plenty of runes available to get a quick kill of a dragon I was all ears. He suggested I bring a weapon that can result in the bleed status effects I was shown the spot on the map, and then took me away. I spotted the dragon sleeping in Caelid which is the closest spot Elden Ring has to a living hell. It was an enormous beast that was five times larger than smaller dragons who walked about. I was required to be extremely cautious, frightened that hitting an individual of smaller dragons would make the larger one shiver. Following the instructions, I sneaked close to the tail of the dragon and began wailing over it.

The dragon did not move. It wasn't able to see that tiny, human-sized astrologer sporting the sword of a samurai poked in the butt. It was as I wouldn't be aware of a bite from a mosquito until afterwards after the bite has gone. I was warned that the dragon's roar could bring smaller ones down upon me, but this was not the case. The dragon only roared once inflicting me with a few debuffs, but I was safe as I slowly cut its huge health to zero, with bleeding effect removing large chunks of it regularly.

The dragon then died without a single whimper to announce its death, and I felt like the most savage piece of sh*t.

It was not how the dragons from Elden Ring behaved. I've have already defeated the dragon in Limgrave that spits down upon the players' "surprise motherfucker" style and then I tried to take on with the Glintstone Dragon in Liurnia before its magical breath shot me in the in a pathetic way. I was expecting to run for my life when the dragon showed any sign of fighting, but it didn't, and I'm left feeling as if I've committed a grave crime.

This is the reason I shouldn't have waited a bit longer in the lead-up to Elden Ring. It was my intention to allow the Tarnished lore fans the chance to discuss what they are, their motives and the stories they tell. It's not common for a dragon let players kill it without a reason which is why I'm thinking I've killed a gentle creature that's actually quite amazing. Perhaps it was just looking for me to aid in curing the disease that is afflicting its young which is something I would have known when I'd completed some obscure mission instead of being a person who shows up with an axe. Now I've lost the chance of solving the plot and earning a "Friend of Dragons" achievement. I'm not even sure of the name of it. When a player takes on an opponent within Elden Ring, usually a huge health bar is displayed on the bottom of the screen, so you can identify the enemy that is likely to take your life several occasions before you are able to figure it out. The dragon has just passed away without a name and was sad.

Did I actually use my blood money in order to climb 9 levels with one huge chunk, and also any of five hearts I collected to purchase a Dragon incantation? Yes. Was I feeling terrible about it? Yes. Hell is an actual place located in Buy Elden Ring Items, but it's not Caelid -It's my own soul.