Madden is expected to perform more in the coming season

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In another related story mut coins, EA also announced a new promotion for Madden NFL 22's Ultimate Team mode. Everyone who runs five miles and logs it with Nike Run Club between February 7-14 will be rewarded with Nike Run Club App between February 7-14 will receive an achievement certificate and a +7 speed version for Aaron Donald in the video game.

The actual Super Bowl LVI takes place this Sunday, February 13, on NBC. Dwayne "The rock" Johnson is showing up at the game's pre-game party, and we're hoping for lots of commercials as well. In the lead-up to this next Sunday's NFL Super Bowl, Nike and Madden will join forces to inspire players to get out and run by giving them an exclusive player in Ultimate Team.

From today until February 14, users who log five miles in the Nike Run Club app will be awarded the chance to wreak havoc during Madden 22 with an upgraded version of Aaron Donald. The player's option for that of the Los Angeles Rams' defensive force is a 7 speed improvement, and users will also be awarded an achievement badge on the Nike Run Club app upon the completion.

"I like watching kids get out and lead active and healthy lifestyles," Donald said in an announcement. "As an athlete in the professional ranks, I think it's important to teach healthy habits to the children of our generation. I encourage these practices in my kids as they were instilled in me buy mut coins madden 22. I have teamed up along with Nike and EA Sports to unlock the future of sport and inspire the next generation of athletes to explore and engage in a meaningful way."