Related: Dark And Darkers Copyright Explained, And Why It Matters

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In the general chat channel, dozens of fans are mobilising, trying to keep the Dark And Darker Gold Coins download link running for those who want to try out the game during its demo. And now, with the link shared by the official developers account taken down over copyright concerns, its mostly up to fans to help each other get the game running - which is much easier said than done in a sever full of fans with zero experience in the field. 

Related: Dark And Darkers Copyright Explained, And Why It Matters

For hours now, the general chat has been taken over by players begging for download links and clearer instructions on how to get the game running, and a bunch of jargon I had to get the millennials at TheGamer to explain to me. It means that a bunch of us zoomers are learning what seeding is at least, so theres that. 

To make matters worse, the devs have been pretty quiet on the server since they announced the hotfix. And because Discord apparently doesnt allow links to torrents, they couldnt even drop it there to make life easier for everyone. 

Oh, and as I was writing this, it seems that the tweet sharing a link to the hotfix was taken down too. So now fans are having to beg others in the Discord server to DM it to them. They should probably be pretty careful though, as it looks like one channel was already shut down due to someone sharing a dodgy link.

Thankfully, those that can get into the game seem to be enjoying it. There are a fair amount of performance issues being reported, perhaps more than youd expect from a playtest so late into development, but few are taking it out on the devs, given the circumstances. 

All in all, its a mess, but not as much of a mess as youd expect from a Discord-sever full of people trying to torrent for the first time. If you happen to be a torrent veteran, it might be worth popping in and lending a hand to these players in need. But in fairness, youll probably be drowned out by youngsters asking what the hell everyone means when they spam HOLD THE LINE. 

Dark And Darker's Playtest Torrent Is Being Copyright Claimed

Dark and Darkers incredibly unique playtest faces another blow, as the torrent link is copyright claimed on Twitter. Now, its largely up to the fanbase to circulate the buy Dark And Darker Gold Coins download link, which could make the process of joining the playtest much riskier