Ayurvedic drugs - what are they and how to use them?!

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Ayurveda... a lot of controversies, conjectures, but despite everything, it is becoming more and more popular, as many note its effectiveness. So what is its special feature?! What are  Ayurvedic medicines  and why do they work? Let's talk about it. 

Ayurveda preparations are mainly composed of herbs, fruits, pollen, seeds, roots and flowers of various herbs. Many of them have the names of these same herbs, for example,  brahmi ashwagandha shatavara neem gokshura  , etc. The recipes  of Ayurvedic products  are selected very carefully, according to the ancient texts of Ayurveda. At https://ayurvedadom.com/ you will find a large assortment of drugs.

Ayurvedic medicines always contain active ingredients that have a specific purpose. There are components -  conductor plants  or another name for digestive herbs - they help the active ingredients get where they need to go.

Conductor plants enhance digestion and assimilation of active ingredients. Getting into the blood, these active components are distributed throughout the body, and necessarily to the organ (system) that needs help.
The conductors can be the well-known  asafoetida , ginger, black pepper, long pepper, coriander, cumin, etc.

The main purpose of Ayurvedic drugs is cleansing. That's why the disease occurs?! Because our cells are slagging with Amoy and cannot work fully. The task of Ayurvedic drugs is to cleanse the cells of Ama (toxins) and restore their work. If the cells are healthy, the body is healthy.

That is why  Ayurvedic drugs  are more effective than chemical ones. But cleansing the body, like recovery, does not happen quickly, so the use of Ayurvedic drugs is carried out in courses.

What depends on the duration of taking  Ayurvedic drugs?! There are many factors, but the main ones are the condition of the body, the degree of its slagging, even the time of year and many others. The course of taking Ayurvedic drugs can have different duration, methods, dosage and time of taking for each individual. Many feel the effect of taking Ayurvedic drugs the very next day, and some - after a month or more of regular use. In complex stages of the disease and with high slagging, as a rule, one course of taking Ayurvedic drugs is not enough, and Ayurvedic drugs need to be taken for several months, repeating the intake from year to year

. Therefore, do not clog your mind and stomach. And if you decide to try and get acquainted with Ayurvedic medicines, we are always ready to offer a large  assortment Ayurvedic preparations