Achieve Your Goals: Microsoft AI-102 Questions Dumps for Success

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Campaigners should seize the examination motifs before they begin of medication.

Motifs of AI- 102 Designing and enforcing an Azure AI result test

Because it ’ll extremely grease them in touch the core. Our AI- 102 dumps will include the following motifs

 1. Dissect result conditions (25- 30)

Recommend Cognitive Services APIs to meet business conditions

 • elect the processing armature for a result

 • elect the applicable data processing technologies

 • elect the applicable AI models and services

 • Identify factors and technologies needed to AI-102 Questions connect service endpoints

 • Identify robotization conditions

Chart security conditions to tools, technologies, and processes

 • Identify processes and regulations demanded to conform to data sequestration, protection, and nonsupervisory conditions

 • Identify which druggies and groups have access to information and interfaces

 • Identify applicable tools for a result

 • Identify auditing conditions

 Elect the software, services, and storehouse needed to support a result

 • Identify applicable services and tools for a result

 • Identify integration points with other Microsoft services

 • Identify storehouse needed to store logging, bot state data, and Cognitive Services affair

Design AI results (40- 45) | Design results that include one or further channels

 • Define an AI operation workflow process

 • Design a strategy for ingest and egress data

 • Design the integration point between multiple workflows and channels

 • Design channels that use AI apps

 • Design channels that call Azure Machine Learning models

 • elect an AI result that meet cost constraints


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