Posted: 3 w
Hey folks! I'm in the process of upgrading the security on my RV, and I'm looking for recommendations on good locks. Any suggestions?
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Kerrenth Joined: 1 y

Posted: 3 w
Hey there! I recently went through the same thing with my RV. I ended up going for a combination of a sturdy hitch lock and a high-quality door lock. For the hitch, I got the some lock, and for the door.

Emil Zorya Joined: 50 w

Posted: 3 w
I also upgraded my RV locks last year. I went with a keyless entry system for the main door - it's super convenient not having to fumble for keys all the time. The keyless entry camper door lock from Filluck I got has been reliable, and I can change the code whenever I want. And i must add that for me installing the hitch lock was a breeze. It came with clear instructions, and I had it on in about 10 minutes. The door lock took a bit longer, maybe 30 minutes, but it was also straightforward. Just make sure you have the right tools handy.

xeyobah436 Joined: 17 w

Posted: 3 d
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