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The Linksys extender comes with the WPS button, which you can use to make it usable within a few minutes. Fortunately, you only require a little effort into this process as there is only a need to tap the WPS button. In case your existing router is also compatible with the WPS feature, then the remaining process will be easier for you. The Linksys extender is almost compatible with every other router. Foremost of all, place both devices together with a minimum distance for the further Linksys WiFI Extender Setup process. While doing this, ensure to keep the electrical appliances far away from these gadgets.

After doing this, move to the next step of the procedure which is plugging both devices into the power sockets. However, choose the best location for these to avoid connectivity issues between them. Later, press the WPS button from the extender first and from the router’s panel within two minutes. Check the light indications to get to know the process’s confirmation once you press the WPS buttons. If the extender and router start showing stable LEDs it means the process is complete and the extender is well connected to the router.
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