What do you say about trendy men's hairstyles?

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Iren May

13 days ago

Posted: 2 days ago
Hi! Lately, I've been noticing a lot of men doing trendy hairstyles. Sometimes I feel like I don't take enough care of my hair in the presence of these guys. What classic, timeless men's hairstyles will always be in fashion?
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Tara Doridy Joined: 13 days ago

Posted: 2 days ago
That's a great question, and you're not alone in feeling that way. I sometimes feel uncomfortable, too, when I go out to the store near my house in sporty clothes and a mess of hair. The good thing is that there are plenty of timeless men's hairstyles that will always be in fashion, no matter what the current trends are. Some examples of these timeless mens hairstyles include the classic side part, the slicked-back undercut, the buzz cut, the crew cut, and the textured crop. These styles are low maintenance and easy to maintain, making them perfect for men who are always on the go.

liam324 Joined: 11 days ago

Posted: 2 days ago
Hello, girls! You are having such an interesting conversation. Do you think I should change my hairstyle? The avatar is a real photo of me. Honestly, I don't know what my haircut is called. I just tell the barber to do something with my hair and he does.