There is obviously some sort of tether between different apps Cover Image


There is obviously some sort of tether between different apps

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There is obviously some sort of tether between different apps has not posted anything yet


Start date
12-23-20 - 04:00


End date
12-31-20 - 05:00

I simply do not believe that they CAN'T figure out a solution for transferring MC, etc.. I believe they don't wish to because it would be tough and probably cost/time-intensive, but I don't believe for a moment that in 2020 app developers can't come up with a solution for it. This is either poor planning or willful negligence. Like, are we supposed to believe a business the size of EA does not have a database that stores this type of information that they could obtain a CSV out of or connect with our EA accounts? There is obviously some sort of tether between different apps considering they requested us to link our EA Accounts today and likely will in MM2021. To me, this yells / a lack of giving a shit since they know MM is the only option people have. I simply don't see a reason to play this sport , which saddens me. This is the reason why we need competition in this space.

No Madden cash transfer. No more score. No legacy team. No scores is the operative word . . .there has to be some legacy component or something we can perform throughout madden futures. Wow. All the grinding should at least offer something. In years ago you could get gamers and fill in your team for next year. It is accurate, those were nice bonuses weren't they. But certainly you did not grind all year for a few elites next time around. No but as somebody who didnt begin this year before the TOTD promo came out it feels rather futile.

Could we even see our team from this year in MM21? It sounds to me as if everything is getting declared, in that case I don't see a point in playing any more this year. So what are we connecting our accounts for when we don't get legacy team, season score, or madden cash? They definitely already have this. Might as well get a 100 OVR out of it. Right? This will lose a great deal of players. Wait. So madden cash does not carry over? It says that connecting now will give the 100 ovr package, but I already linked. Can I get it? Red said on Discord the rewards for linking will probably go out at 4pm today so imagining if you've already connected they'll appear. Does that include those who linked a few weeks ago? If already connected it ought to be OK. Just check to make sure EA accounts is connected. It's from the 4th quarter tab at the store.

So essentially Madden Mobile 21 is a giant"go screw yourselves community" how did you possibly think this will make players happy? More importantly, why couldnt you tell people weeks past that MC wouldn't not carry over? Because it would lead them to lose lots of in purchases. Remember they're a scum company. Its a real shitty thing to do to your plauer foundation imo. It just stinks. The question is How long will people let them tresat us like crap before they abandon ship? Unfortunately I think they'll get away with it forever cuz we all enjoy footbal and mobile games. Nah when 2k eventually comes out with a mobile football game we are going to have the option to jump the ship if they continue to treat people like this.

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