The developer also offered more details on how Madden NFL 21 Cover Image


The developer also offered more details on how Madden NFL 21

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The developer also offered more details on how Madden NFL 21 has not posted anything yet


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12-18-20 - 04:00


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12-31-20 - 04:00

"Feedback can be sent to each hand separately to allow you to feel what the gamers believe on the field," EA said. "With the usage of flexible activates, users feel resistance on the cause to provide feedback on a participant breaking a tackle or running low on stamina." Ultimately, players will have the ability to leave the field and celebrate in the crowd in 13 of the NFL's 32 stadiums--you can see the entire list here. Madden NFL 21 starts for PS5 and Xbox Series X on December 4. Everyone who purchased the game on PS4 or Xbox One can find a free upgrade on PS5 or Xbox collection X. Instead, EA will supply a standalone version of Madden 21 for PS5 and Xbox collection X for $70 USD, that signifies EA's initial next-gen game together with the $10 cost increase. Madden 21 will be discounted on Black Friday, but you do not need to wait until then, as numerous retailers are already offering the title for under $30.

The developer also offered more details on how Madden NFL 21 will make the most of the newest consoles beyond just better graphics. EA states the next-gen edition of Madden NFL 21 provides a"new standard of precision and credibility." As you can see in the preview below, the game definitely looks better: participant models, weather effects, and even the grass on the area seem to be more faithful to the actual thing. However, what may be more exciting about the next-gen variations of Madden 21 is the way they're using new player data from the real league.

For decades now, NFL players have been sporting RFID chips in their jerseys to capture information about their functionality, and this has been shared with EA. The developer is using this data to produce the in-game personality models and their related animations appear more life-like. "This data, called Next Gen Stats, is fed to Madden NFL 21 to drive fluid cartoon selection based on how players actually move when running, cutting, and changing direction on the field creating the very realistic player movement in franchise history," EA stated. "Next Gen Player Movement comes to life on each side of the globe, together with elite route runners running their real paths logged by Next Gen Stats and showcasing explosive first steps and direction changes, while elite defenders will respond more realistically to opposing runs and paths."

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