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Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy

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It's likely that the 'Price Drops section is what you'll be looking at. It is here that you'll find the top products for sale. This is the most basic and reliable method to earn income as others players know about it, so the more you buy and the more other players purchase, the more the profit.

Here are some suggestions for using the 100 most popular items that drop. You just have to watch out for things such as 'air runes', for instance. there's a lot available on the market to buy for yourself! Your money can be reserved for certain items, such as armor and ores.

It is important to make sure that the product you are searching for has diminished in price only daily and monthly. Ignore any item that has been reduced in price for more than 180 days ago. Don't buy anything that have dropped by more than 4 percent in the last seven days. This has caused me huge losses.

Special Items (Usually not listed on the list of the top 100). There are some special items, such as certain types of fish and ores. They don't diminish at a rapid rate, so they will not be included in the list of top 100. Merchant clans are the way that merchants make their money. It takes them approximately an hour to look up prices for products that were known in the past to have fallen from a low point or even sky-high in just three days.

One can do this either one of two methods... look on the internet for these types of items(I will personally provide a little list for those who are interested) or using a program designated to finding the top of the top items to merch for that week. Although these items are essential items such as food and other "skilling objects", they can be difficult to find. Here's my list of top merchandise for short periods of time. Feel free to share this list with your acquaintances so you can increase prices by buying more one-of-a-kind products!

Here's my top ten list of merch partners that I sell to... This is just a listing of the top ten merchants from Runescape that I sell with. I'm now more focused on investing my money in the skills of others and not in running games. Everyone, best of luck! Good Luck to everyone! (Sorry for posting this in an incorrect location. Please move it to the correct place if necessary.

I'm not sure what to say about the female voice. I'm confused about what could be the person behind the doors, perhaps someone associated with Zaros? I'm just hoping it's an interesting person and there's a motive to it. Strike, fight and kill. Update

I pray to God that they will use the random dungeon generator to give me an extra challenge. A mechanic could be used to disable a player, and then another person must release them. This is the best method to encourage teamwork. It is true, but if the random dungeon creator were to be employed, it would need a max level to deal with any difficulties. This way you won't be in danger if the whole of the dungeon is suddenly cut off by one door.

I believe that the option of disabling is a great idea and would fit into the idea of teamwork. They could take To'kash's deep-freeze attack and make it target one player only. It could also last for a long time before it would melt (not infinite, though so if you're caught by yourself there's a chance to escape). That makes it harder for players to work together.
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