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I believe that the option of disabling would be fantastic

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The Kinshra were banished from Falador, and on the mountains (I'm pretending that there is a mountain range that divides Asgarnia from Misthalin from Wilderness... it is odd to have a single mountain by itself) So I guess that Daquarius, leader of the Kinshra is made a marquess.

That makes sense as he he holds the title of Lord. So again, why is Sir Amik simply a knight in comparison to Daquarius and the Lord? What do you think? Is it possible for a knight to run the kingdom as a ruler? Sorry for the unrelated bits. I simply copied and pasted the text from a blog post I had made on RSOF.

The grave issue doesn't make sense for me. For those who don’t believe, there is a belief that grave stones aren't blessed and that thieves will take your loot. Ignoring the fact that pre 07, it was precisely that but you didn't have the grace period of 6 minutes of picking up your items I'm not able to comprehend what the problem is.

One of the arguments that have been put forward is that the appointment of new bosses does not necessarily mean death. Really? Tormented Demons is the latest boss to be released in 08, and even though I do bless my friend (well we bless him however he is yet to died) I'm always back within three minutes. This means that regardless of how blessed your grave is it is still possible to come back.

Corpreal Beast has however, been designed to not utilize gravestone mechanics. I hope Jagex took a look at this and was ashamed of the bosses of care bears who took little risk so made one to ignore gravestones. You have only two minutes to return to your stuff. It's not possible to leave the property prior to it becoming the public's loot.

Finally Nex. I haven't yet managed to beat her. However, considering that a lot of people believe Jagex worked on the update for a long time and it's reasonable to suggest that Nex was designed to incorporate these mechanics. While a blessing can help you get back to your grave here, it is m belief this would of been incorporated into Nex's design.

For the bosses in other games, they were designed to be played without gravestones, with actual the risk of. You can get things back from Bandos KBD, Chaos Ele and Mole if you have a grave that doesn't contain bless. DKs include, Arma, Sara and Sara can be found on a grave with blessing

Graves also reduce the chance of RS. Although we know that not everyone will bless your grave to take part in your rage, it is understandable. Penis is not the word used to describe them. It is how the RS death penalty operates, which has been distorted because of graves.

The bless was not intended to replace friends picking up items and giving them back it was it was a way to allow friends to help you out in the event of your death. There are three choices. Limit your risk to the amount you are able to lose. Hopefully, we'll see a reducation in the amount of maxed out gear players in the presence of bosses, simply because there is now an extremely slim chance that they will lose the gear.

Bossing is with friends - this was what people did prior to going to the grave. Boss as you are doing currently, but realise that if the bless goes, you only have your own fault since I myself will be savoring various strangers' fat loot piles. This absurd argument is over.

When the old wilderness was in existence (this was a long time ago, I'm talking about) the PKing community in RuneScape was a good group of people. We first asked "dm?" or "fight?" or "fight" before attacking another. We wanted to make sure that they were prepared and that we had an enjoyable, fair fight.

Also, people actually dm’ed. In many cases, in RuneScape these days, I will ask anyone "dm?" To get an "sure" answer, or "yes", I will inevitably have them run to the bank after just a couple of minutes.

We also pinted each other's best accounts against one another, our primary accounts. It was more enjoyable because the statistics were evenly well-balanced, making it an actual battle, and it was fun to see range beat mage, mage beat melee, etc. The pures are now totally in balance, which makes PKing less enjoyable.

Is it me or has the PKing industry lost its integrity in recent times? These are just some of the examples that I have however I'm sure there are others. Do you think that integrity will be restored when the old wilderness comes back or are you an avid fan of the RuneScape world for the annoyance?

Many people don't think about all the things that have changed since 2007. I thought of some things: I am pretty certain that 2007 was the year we had a tiny screen, and the vision field wasn't as good. The camea had to be adjusted constantly. Players can now see other players without having to worry about the camera.

Wilderness wall. Anyone can immediately see what was that have fallen. The advancement in technology is sufficient proof. Internet connections are faster and better. Youtube was very popular in those days however, it has grown since. A lot of people are looking to create videos to "compete". Duel arena now has a f2p price. Can we continue this with stakes back?

My favourite, the old bone yard has gone. Hope this returns. Do you have any players who know about the old battlegrounds? Dark castle was not occupied. I had a longer list to add, but now I am blank. There could be more items that I could add to the list.

The Guide: As you can observe, these groups of merchants pick items every day to buy. They then wait for a certain amount of time to sell the products at a greater price.
What are these leaders of clans taking a look at? What is the best way to decide which items are most appropriate for merchandise? It's very simple. Jagex has the answer. Visit the Grand Exchange section of this website. In this section of the runescape website, you can see various things, including the increasing and dropping prices of the current in-game runescape market.

Most likely, the 'Price Drops section will be the one you'll be looking through. This is where you'll find the top products to sell. It is the most simple and reliable method of earning money. Other players also know about it. The more you buy and more other players buy more, the more the profit rises.

Here are some basic tips for making the most of the Top 100 biggest item drops. It's important to be aware of things like "air runes", which are too many available to purchase for yourself. Reserve your money for specific items such as armor or ores fish(raw as well as cooked) along with other basic items.

You should make sure that the product you're searching for has diminished in price only daily and monthly. Ignore any item that was reduced in price for more than 180 days ago. As I have lost a lot of money for items that have dropped by more than 4% over the last seven days, I'll never buy them.

Special Items(Usually not marked on the top 100) There are some special items like specific types of fish, or ores aren't often seen in the top 100 list because as they do decline at a rapid rate, it's not enough to be found on the list. Merchant clans are where they make most of their income. They spend approximately an hour looking up the prices of items that were well-known in the past for rising from rock bottom in three days.

You can use the internet to find these items (I will provide an overview for anyone who is interested) or you can use an application that will find the most popular merchandise for the week. (Have only seen one and it's on my computer because it's homemade lol) These kinds of items are hard to find even though they're considered mostly as essential items such as food or "skilling products." Here is a list of what I find to be the best things to merch over short periods of time. Just invite your friends on board to assist you in raising prices by purchasing more of one type of an item!

My personal top ten list, which I merchwith... I'm only giving this information to you because I'm done with runescape selling as I'm focusing on spending all of my money on skills now. Best of luck! :huh: (Oh and sorry for posting this in the wrong place and move it to the right location if you have to)

I'm not able to identify the female voice. I don't know what the person who is behind the door might be, perhaps somebody from Zaros. I'm just hoping it's someone interesting and there's a reason for it, not just a "Here's a new boss. Strike, fight, and kill. Update
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