I believe that the island development tools in New Horizons are great Cover Image


I believe that the island development tools in New Horizons are great

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I believe that the island development tools in New Horizons are great, but my primary reason for playing the sport would be to befriend my animals. There's no obstacle to it since everyone is really friendly off-the-bat, even the characters like cranky/snooty (where they're meant to be stand-offish with you at first).

They have also apparently removed a characteristic where creatures would see your home at a specific time. It was a wonderful way for gamers who do not have the ability to go online to have people look at their property. There was a consequence not turning up on time: it'd produce the animal upset and your friendship could take a small hit.

I actually like the crafting system, but I understand that some folks really do not like it. I believe the biggest complaint I have noticed is that golden tools have lost their prestige as they're no longer unbreakable like from the last games. That's pretty much exactly what made them unique, so it sounds a little pointless to manage them, given that gold nuggets are a rarer resource.

I think a lot of dislike with the crafting system isn't the crafting itself but more like the lack of QOL stuff in it.

Or got tired of their towns. AC is generally meant to be of a bit by bit thing however, the pandemic caused it to become a binge experience.Another matter is that a lot of the upgrades this year have been focused on attaining feature parity with the preceding match, New Leaf. Not a lot of stuff that's new to AC as a whole.

Even out of quarantine it doesn't take too long to get most things to the point where you are not getting anything new from Timmy & Tommy most days.

On New Leaf it took you longer to get a lot of things from Timmy & Tommy - and they then had the third floor with super expensive items which may take you days to find the cash.

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