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Start date
09-23-21 - 11:05


End date
09-30-21 - 11:05

This Guide's Goal. This guide will help you overcome price manipulation in a systematic manner and later, to redevelop an old economy in which nearly every skill could be utilized to make money.

The problem is pretty basic: There are huge populations of people who take advantage of Jagex's faulty price system in order to earn huge sums of money. A majority of the population is not in favor of these lame ways to obtain cash. It is wrong and it should not be done. The game isn't about winning money. It's more about having fun and adventure. Performing simple skilling should not require extraordinary investments into skills that a couple years ago, made money.

This has been the history of many times. Recently, we experienced a period of trusts and monopolies ruled the country in my history class. They established an environment that allowed massive sums of cash to be obtained by exploiting the US's failing system of controlling this.

The wages paid to workers could not cover the cost of living. These workers were required to work for long hours, sometimes as much as 14 hours per day, to earn a few dollars. These workers were unable to leave, since there were other workers who could fill their shoes and work in these conditions in order to bring home some money.

How was it possible for these workers to overcome such conditions and build the present system of work? How did the total control of a market be given over to enable an open economy.

The government at the time changed its rules on monopolies. They were later eliminated. Jagex has repeatedly stated that they do not know how to stop them. They can't create laws within the game to stop monopolies from happening. The game environment does not perform in the way it ought to. The economy has changed.

What can you do to stop a large force in control? A union is formed, or a group. To DEMAND that their wages be increased, that their work hours be cut and their working conditions are more comfortable in the 1800's, workers formed unions. Unions still exist today and have a solid presence in many industries.

The Solution. You might be thinking, "How will a union save the economy?". Here's how we'll pull this off: Just as the merchanting clans have formed trusts in order to take control of a market, we shall follow the same path. Here is how their system works. There's a minimum supply of an item. Each product is a source of demand and supply. This equation demonstrates how free economics works.

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