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IMsDosary suggests defensive midfielders

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IMsDosary suggests defensive midfielders has not posted anything yet


Start date
09-08-21 - 11:03


End date
09-30-21 - 11:03

IMsDosary suggests defensive midfielders need to "cover center" and cut through the passing lanes' in order to increase their effectiveness in stopping the ball from getting to the forwards of their opponents.

MsDossary is also clear that there must be at minimum five or six players available to defend at all times.Tactical masterclass.In your defensive setup it is crucial to match your tactics with the style you prefer to play.Some players will like to play the 'drop back' defense style, but not MsDossary."For me personally, I prefer to play balanced," he said, "I like having a lot of depth , so for me, five is good, four is good.""If your defense is not highly effective, you can apply 'drop back' three depth or four."However If your defensive players are dropping too far, it could be easy for the opponent to hold the ball and build up pressure.

MsDossary says: "When I have a high depth, I want to press my opponent. this is how I play and that's the way I play. Setting your tactics ahead of time could have a major impact on your game. It is easy to switch between tactics if one doesn't work. If you're losing by 2-0 at the half, you must employ 'pressure on heavy contact'. Also, 70th minute and losing, 'constant pressure' is key," MsDossary advises.

"Whatever you feel at ease with, I suggest that you stick with it."

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