It boggles my mind that games such as Super mario Cover Image


It boggles my mind that games such as Super mario

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It boggles my mind that games such as Super mario has not posted anything yet


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01-04-21 - 05:00


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01-31-21 - 04:00

The remainder of your remark is fairly true, but I had been wondering what you meant by being unable to discover designs and put them up at the shop? I swear I've seen a lot of posts by people of their critters wearing custom layouts lol. And since custom designs you get online are only put into your layouts, doesn't that imply your critters could wear them? Presumably by putting them up on this wall in the rear of the store?

I read some other comments and this comes down to personal preference. A lot. I've sunk more time than any other match. I whine because I think the game can be better and I'm expecting Ninty to send on the updates, even if it requires time.

A number people adore NH, a number people hate it, and a great deal of us are somewhere in between. We all have different priorities and standards. For the time being, you still have a game you enjoy. Hopefully Nintendo can beef up and polish NH so that you may come join in the fun.

I still want more shops, events, and personality back to my own villagers. I have at least one of every personality, so the conversation burnout doesn't seem too bad, but still. We also want more ways to spend cash and mile tickets

I haven't played because Population Growing, however I can't agree more that new horizons certainly feels like it's missing that ignite. I wish Nintendo would update it more but a) it's Nintendo in 2020 what exactly do we anticipate? And b) I know that sport development is cluttered right now what with all the global pandemic.

It boggles my mind that games such as Super mario maker get these massive updates (not that I am complaining) but games which look like the most natural match for further down the street content like ACNH and Mario Party feel as though complete afterthoughs.

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